• Lawful Interception for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

    AQSACOM's modular software architecture in addressing Lawful Interception enables adaption to network environments employing Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).  Learn more about NFV and the issues of supporting lawful interception in networks with NFV infrastructure.

  • Lawful Interception for Voice Services on LTE Networks

    Learn about the many ways carriers are migrating their legacy voice networks to LTE, and how AQSACOM's Lawful Interception solution is implemented during the migration. 

  • Lawful Interception for 3G and 4G Networks

    This document provides a brief description of the various mobile network technologies now deployed in commercial wireless networks, followed by a discussion on the transistion toward the newer "long term evolution" technologies.  Of particular interest is how lawful interception, especially AQSACOM's ALIS lawful interception system, is applied to these networks.

  • Lawful Interception for IP Networks

    This AQSACOM White Paper provides an introductory background on the issues behind lawful interception (LI) as applied to IP networks and their overlying applications, with emphasis on Internet Access, E-mail and Voice-over-IP (VoIP).  A description is provided of how AQSACOM's ALIS lawful interception system can be applied to carious IP networks and applications.

  • ALIS HP and VHP

    AQSACOM's ALIS High Performance (HP) and Very High Performance (VHP) mediation platforms enable the lawful interception of Gigabit-speed Internet access and core networks.  Processing speeds can be scaled to meet incremental delivery requirements.

A Pioneer in Lawful Interception

As a pioneer in lawful interception solutions, AQSACOM has published numerous white papers on emerging technologies, solutions and products related to lawful interception. Our white papers have been downloaded and used by thousands of visitors to our site, thus making AQSACOM an important and reliable information resource for the industry.

Download the latest of our white papers here.  Note you may have to register to obtain these publications (please go to our Contacts page to register).  Once you register, you can download as many white papers as you wish.