AQSACOM is a worldwide leader in the design, supply and deployment of Security Intelligence Solutions.

From Lawful Interception to Data Retetion and Mobility Tracking to Surveillance Solutions, AQSACOM's products have been developed to be extremely flexible, and today, operate on some of the most challeging and complex network infrastructures in the world.

Our customer-centric platforms allow for the convergence of multiple networks (e.g., PSTN, GSM, CDMA, GPRS, UTMS, VOIP, IP ...), multiple vendors (e.g., Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Nortel, NSN ...) and multiple standards (e.g., ETSI, CALEA, 3GPP, National Variants ...). Our flexible and scalable solutions assure the independence of our Customers, regardless of Vendor, thereby securing our Customer's investments for the long term.

Product List

ALIS - Lawful Interception

The AQSACOM Lawful Interception System, ALIS, is AQSACOM's flagship product and has been described by many as the most flexible Lawful Interception Management System on the market.

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ADRIS - Data Retention

ADRIS – AQSACOM's Data Retention Intelligent Solution – is a multi-services solution fulfilling mandated Data Retention (DR) requirements of all networks from a centralized management platform.

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