Aqsacom, a worldwide leader in software solutions for lawful interception, has announced the release of a new image and branding initiative. “With the profusion of communication channels and content, the image and message you wish to convey to customers and prospects have become an increasingly critical part of a company’s business development initiative,” said Vanessa Zeman, Chief Administration Officer for Aqsacom.

“It is not enough for business products and services to be exceptional. You must be able to convey your qualities effectively. Image and branding are essential to these efforts,” she added. Aqsacom’s logo represents several company features. The globe conveys the company’s worldwide customer base and the regional offices located in every major continent.

“Aqsacom’s business strategy for client service and support has always been to place staff resources closest to the client,” observed Zeman. “As a result, we have offices in Paris, France; Dubai, UAE; Melbourne, Australia; Hyderabad, India; Florianopolis, Brazil and Dallas, Texas, US.”

The ribbon which comprises the global image represents Aqsacom’s business focus upon communication services. The colors, particularly the pastel green, are a legacy of Aqsacom’s past and its commitment to the future.

Since its inception in 1994, Aqsacom has used the color green to represent growth. Today, with applied virtual technologies, the convergence of applications and software- versus hardware solution focus, Aqsacom strives to leave a minimum footprint upon the environment.

Perhaps the most important message for existing and future customers is the company’ brand: “Innovating Intelligence.” “To us, innovating means ‘transforming,’ ‘renewing’ and ‘revolutionizing’ how law enforcement agencies collect, receive and use information,” said Zeman.

“With an industry that is constantly redefining itself, Aqsacom must continuously stay ahead of emerging technologies. Only with a focus on innovation can we continue to convert information into useful intelligence successfully,” she added.

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