With the recent passage of the Investigatory Powers law in the U.K., the secure collection, retention, and management of subscriber metadata will soon reach unprecedented challenges.  Gilles Blanc, CEO and Founder of Aqsacom, explains “For years, Aqsacom has been developing and deploying systems for legally-mandated data retention; our systems are ready to handle the U.K.’s new data retention law.”  Such capability is reflected in Aqsacom’s newly released ADRIS Data Retention Platform, version R8.  “R8 possess a highly scalable architecture that grows with the carrier’s requirements regarding the number of subscribers, bandwidth, and the ever-expanding range of new applications that users want to have” states Blanc, whose company has been working on carrier security solutions since 1994.  New features and capabilities in R8 include retention of SMS messages, email metadata, browsing activity, and chat, along with metadata from newer applications growing in popularity.  R8 also offers tight integration with highly parallelized distributed data architectures.  R8’s GUI facilitates simple and complex queries of the retained data through any terminal connected to ADRIS over a secure VPN.  For further information, contact www.aqsacom.com or info@aqsacom.com .