A comprehensive range of security solutions

Since its inception, AQSACOM has been offering a comprehensive range of security solutions for Telecom Operators, Service Providers, and Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide. Our customer-centric platforms allow for the convergence of multiple networks (e.g., PSTN, GSM, CDMA, GPRS, UTMS, VOIP, IP …), multiple vendors (e.g., Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, Nortel, NSN …) and multiple LI standards (e.g., ETSI, CALEA, 3GPP, National Variants …). Our flexible and scalable solutions assure Customer independence from vendor-proprietary systems, thereby securing our Customer's investments for the long term.

Lawful interception is AQSACOM's core business. Our focus contrasts with many companies that offer diversified "security" or "defense" solutions where Lawful Interception is only a partial, and therefore a diluted portion of the company's resources.

Because of our sole focus, AQSACOM has developed a strong international client base that consistently relies on us as a trustworthy organization that delivers innovated and cost-effective Lawful Interception Solutions.

How we are different

AQSACOM is a privately-owned company.

With a focus on Lawful Interception, confidentiality is imperative. In many cases, the effectiveness of government agencies and the well-being of citizens are at stake. Public companies, by their very nature, must report their activities and revenue sources to shareholders. Privately-held companies do not have such obligations and offer greater protection to Commercial and Government entities.

AQSACOM has demonstrated expertise managing uniquely complex projects.

Every Lawful Interception project has unique requirements.  These may include technical, political, and environmental challenges.  AQSACOM has effectively developed, installed and supported projects involving diverse networks and technologies in both developed and emerging countries. 

AQSACOM is a global company.

With offices around the world, AQSACOM capably remains close to its clients with faster and more efficient support.  Because we are a global company, our staff is also more familiar with a country’s business culture and can be more fully engaged in the clients’ priorities. 

AQSACOM has a robust product portfolio with a proven track record.

From Lawful Interception to Data Retention and Mobility Tracking to Surveillance Solutions, AQSACOM’s customers and prospects can rest assured that our product portfolio has been developed to be extremely flexible across multiple environments. Running on some of the most challenging and complex network infrastructures in the world, AQSACOM’s products have a proven track record.

AQSACOM's solutions are customer-centric.

Every customer's needs vary. At AQSACOM, there is no single solution. Depending upon the Customer's requirements and existing infrastructure, AQSACOM can meet every customer's needs with a complete turnkey solution. Whether that solution is completely composed of AQSACOM products or whether we need to integrate our products with third-party components to fulfill our customers' requirements, AQSACOM solutions will provide you with the solution that you require.

AQSACOM is an ISO 9001 company.

Quality assurance is an inherent part of AQSACOM's operations. 

AQSACOM continues its official certification under the ISO 9001:2008 program. AQSACOM's certification applies to the Realization and Integration of Products Dedicated to Telecommunications Networks, Consulting, and Assistance in Building Proprietary or Standard Solutions

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